Who will buy? Who will churn?
SalesPredict can show you.

Using predictive analytics + your CRM and marketing automation system data + the open web and outside data sources, SalesPredict goes beyond predictive lead scoring to provide Customer Lifecycle Intelligence. Gain insights that will help you target more effectively, deliver more sales qualified leads, increase conversions, accelerate sales cycles, and retain more customers.

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Prioritize qualified leads with SalesPredict

Increase Conversions

Prioritize what’s closable. Run better campaigns, pinpoint truly qualified leads, identify at-risk accounts before they churn.

SalesPredict is a predictive solution that is simple to deploy!

Easy Set-up

A predictive solution that’s simple to deploy—no long, costly consulting engagements. You can do it in 3 easy steps!

SalesPredict is always up-to-date

Dynamic & Adaptive

Always up-to-date, your predictive model learns and dynamically adapts to your evolving business so you’re never blindsided.

SalesPredict dramatically improves conversion rates for their clients

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Maximize revenue throughout the customer
lifecycle with the power of predictive analytics.

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